Monday, March 12, 2007

Moneyball 2007: Arizona D-Backs

Which teams are getting the most bang for their buck this year? Using Baseball Prospectus' MORP and depth charts, here's a team by team look, including any players expected to get at least 35% of the playing time, and the '07 salary will only depict what that team is forking out:
Note: DW refers to deadweight players - guys who won't play much but will be paid like they do.

ARIZONA '07 Salary '07 MORP
C: Miguel Montero ~$300,000 $10,250,000
C: Chris Snyder ~$300,000 $6,325,000
1B: Conor Jackson ~$350,000 $8,750,000
2B: Orlando Hudson $3,900,000 $16,550,000
3B: Chad Tracy $2,750,000 $11,825,000
SS: Stephen Drew $300,000 $13,125,000
LF: Eric Byrnes $4,575,000 $9,700,000
CF: Chris Young ~$300,000 $15,950,000
RF: Carlos Quentin ~$300,000 $12,500,000
SP: Brandon Webb $4,500,000 $20,425,000
SP: Randy Johnson $2,000,000 $7,550,000
SP: Livan Hernan. $7,000,000 $5,575,000
SP: Doug Davis $5,500,000 $8,575,000
SP: Edgar Gonzalez ~$300,000 $6,725,000
CL: Jose Valverde $2,000,000 $6,700,000
RP: Juan Cruz $1,437,500 $4,975,000
RP: Jorge Julio $3,600,000 $3,225,000
RP: Bran. Medders $390,500 $2,950,000
RP: Brandon Lyon $1,500,000 $1,600,000
DW: Tony Clark $1,000,000 $1,125,000

Total salary for key players: $42,303,000
Total MORP for key players: $174,400,000

This is what happens when you build from within and build really, really well. The value passes the cost before you even get out of the infield. Montero is a very good prospect and Snyder is a very capable backup. Conor Jackson isn't a worldbeater at first base, but he's not terrible. Orlando Hudson's defense is invaluable and probably the biggest reason for Brandon Webb's breakthrough last season. Speaking of Webb, PECOTA thinks he'll be this good for a while. That's awesome news for the D-Backs, and it makes overpaying for the last 2 years of Randy Johnson's contract a little easier to swallow. Josh Byrnes is one of the smartest young GMs in the game, and the prospects will keep rolling in after this year. You've got guys like Carlos Gonzalez, Mark Reynolds, Justin Upton, Micah Owings, and my sleeper Joey Side coming along in that system.


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